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Thank you for checking out my channel and I hope I can assist you. I am here to support roles in educational roles such as Professors, Teachers & Leaders who are interested in learning about and sharing their challenges and successes in the Educational Technology and Digital Learning space. I hopes that we can collaborate to solve or resolve challenges.

Areas of Focus For This Blog & My Work Are:

  • Instructional Design & E-Learning (Particularly with Digital Tools and Resources)

  • Integration Of Digital Tools and Resources

  • Training And Staff Development

  • Project Based Learning -Graphic Design & Video For Educational Presentations

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Welcome to "Digital Futures Education" . Please subscribe here and on Youtube at http://bit.ly/downsyoutube . Director of Digital Learning in the North Reading Public Schools and EdTech Professor.


Experienced Instructional and Curriculum Designer in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Art and Design. Passionate in the areas of digital education and photography.